Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why We Love Czechs!

1) Is it any more evident that those of us who have been blessed/born into this (relatively) free country take these liberties for granted, while those who have known persecution/totalitarianism embrace/do NOT take them granted. This is the back drop for the latest dust up for the growing movement AGAINST the Global Warming hoax/hysteria.

2) Czech President Vaclav Klaus said recently that he is ready to debate Al Gore about global warming, as he discussed his latest book that argues environmentalism poses a threat to basic human freedoms. "I many times tried to talk to have a public exchange of views with him, and he's not too much willing to make such a conversation," Klaus said. "So I'm ready to do it."

3) Klaus, said he opposed the "climate alarmism" perpetuated by environmentalism trying to impose their ideals, comparing it to the decades of communist rule he experienced growing up in Soviet-dominated Czechoslovakia. Like the (communist) predecessors, they will be certain that they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality," he said. "In the past, it was in the name of the Marxists or of the proletariat - this time, in the name of the planet," he added. Klaus alleged that the global warming was being championed by scientists and other environmentalists whose careers and funding requires selling the public on global warming. "It is in the hands of climatologists and other related scientists who are highly motivated to look in one direction only," Klaus said.

4) Thank you Mr Klaus. Of course Gore will never accept this challenge. As he is too far above the fray to engage this non believer/heretic from such an inconsequential country. Its easier to dismiss him than to try to have an honest debate. Since almost all the 'facts' on Gores side are based upon assumptions/untested/unknowns/junk science he couldn't possibly win a cogent argument from the other side. Ofcourse Klaus is probably being secretly paid off by the evil oil companies, right?

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