Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why Global Warming IS a Religion

1) Global Warming is nothing more than a euphemism for redistribution of wealth from the rich, development nations to jealous dictatorships who refuse to allow their citizens the right to gain their own wealth through free markets. It's about political redistribution from strong, independent sovereign nations into the hands of a power-hungry global elite cowering in the United Nations. These are the same cowardly scoundrels who used to try to rule the world through global communism. Today they pretend that the same lies have something to do with protecting the environment.

2) This thing they call Global Warming, or now Global Climate Change(When has the climate not been changing?) is nothing more than the lefts latest attempt to eliminate/reduce the free market. It IS a religion to them, and one only has to look at the way it is portrayed by 'believers', and how heretics who refuse to drink the Kool-ade are treated.

  • They peddle fear to mobilize the uneducated masses into 'action'.

  • They have a 'Bible", in this case: Al Gore's: An Inconvenient Truth. Now being force fed to school kids and paid for by our tax dollars. What happened to separation of church and state?

  • Much like the past mistakes of the Catholic church to give 'indulgences' for sin, the followers of this religion instead call their papal indulgences "carbon offsets."

  • When questioning the "science" behind global warming, scientists are brought up on charges of "scientific misconduct" and shunned. The moment anyone diverges from official church doctrine on global warming, they are threatened with destruction. (funding cut off/denied tenure, etc.)Heretics would be burnt at the stake if they could figure out how to do it in a "carbon neutral" way.

  • Like a religion, environmentalism is suffused with hatred for the material world and again, like religion, it requires devotion rather than intellectual rigour from its adherents.

  • Only a Faux religion needs hate mail, threats, courts of inquisition and Hollywood movies to sustain it.

  • Like a good religion there the route to personal salvation lies in the performance of superstitious rituals, such as changing a light bulb, buying a Hybrid car, or planting a tree.

  • Faith is a belief held without evidence

3) Fact is climate prediction is a relatively new science, which has emerged only in recent decades thanks partly to the emergence of computers. So there are no easy certainties about the past — or the future. At most, we have a 50-year span of accurate measurements. The only genuine global records of temperature come from weather balloons, since the late 50's, and later from microwave sounding units, since the late 70's. Not until the last decade have satellites allowed us to measure ocean temperatures throughout the globe. Here are some unfortunate 'inconvenient facts:

  • We have no data demonstrating that human beings are doing more than moderately contributing to it. Even that is in dispute

  • We have no data demonstrating that we are capable of doing anything meaningful to stop it. The Kyoto accord would do NOTHING except allow politicians to impose higher taxes/hurt economies

  • The warming may be a good thing, not a bad thing. How arrogant to assume The current averages are the best average temperatures for humans/the planet?

  • It seems quite likely to be self-correcting in the long run. Many reputable scientists have stated that there are many factors NOT yet understood(Water Vapour) that may modify any effects 'carbon' is having.

4) We will use this blog to sound off on this bogus religion and offer our own proof and site credible sources to back our ideas, and we will NOT be swayed by scare tactics that blind believers often use to combat those of us who dare 'think'.