Monday, November 10, 2008

2008 BELOW Normal??

1) Firstly, the linked/shown graphic, nor the accompanying story will probably never find its way to a "main stream" (liberally biased) media outlet. It simply does Not follow the template that the Earth is warming and man kind is in jeopardy of destruction unless we save ourselves from ourselves. (Stop living well) We wonder IF the reverse were true (the majority of the country was ABOVE normal) that we would have silence on that information? Of course we know the answer to this. Only warmth/destructive storms are news worthy and fit into the "Climate Change" model of news.

2) Meanwhile in Washington we will soon have a new president who is fully behind the kool-aid drinking of Global Climate Change (when was the 'warming' removed?) The result of that and increased representation of the Democrat party assures we will soon see some kind of Carbon Tax in place. Great time to put additional costs on industry and business owners (everyone!), in the midst of the worst recession since Jimmy Carter! We at FAUXRUMORS of course wish the new administration well, and hope they don't implement these fool hearty measures. We also are hoping/praying that there is a colossal blizzard on January 20, 2009 to welcome in the new president. Of course he will only blame the inclement weather on climate change (as everything is) anyway, so why bother?