Thursday, May 1, 2008

News Flash: Oceans Part of The Earth!

1) What we love most about the linked article below is the fact that despite apparent evidence that the oceans are going to cause/are causing the temperatures globally to cool (a tad) the alarm for global warming continues. Where were these scientists who discovered the ocean effects before now? Did they just discover that THREE QUARTERS of the world is covered by water, and this may perhaps play a role in our ever-changing climate?

2) No, the article refuses to budge on the premise that mankind is destroying the planet. This appears to us to be an excuse/a reason to explain why temperatures are NOT/have not risen globally at all in 10 years despite continued increases in CO2 in the atmosphere. Comically the article actually states that "Since 1988, CO2 levels in the world's skies have increased by 9.8 percent". OK, shouldn't global temps have markedly increased if CO2 was the cause of any global warming? Well, temps have not gone up (actually fallen) in the past decade and now we're told they may fall further in the next 10 years. If our math is correct, that would mean we'd see a full 20 years of decreasing temperatures?

3) Here's a better explanation. The Earth's climate is constantly in flux. There are variables/factors that scientists have yet to understand/discover. There are so many possible mitigating factors that go into what the global temperatures are, and the climate is, that is total and immense hubris to believe that man kind is having more than a minor (if any significant) effect on the planet. To cause alarm, and to harm people all in the name of this hoax/junk science is the biggest injustice of our time!

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