Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hold the Presses: Clinton Tells The Truth!

1) Recently in Colorado Bill Clinton made a very truthful statement about the folks who want to fight this bogus 'war on global warming. Said Bill Clinton: "We Just Have to Slow Down Our Economy to Fight Global Warming". Now whenever a Clinton actually tells the truth its a reason to take notice. Most likely his wife won't take too kindly for his moment of candor.

2) In the long, and boring speech, he said what the U.S. and other industrialized nations need to do to combat global warming was: : "We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren."
"Slow down our economy"? HMMM, that sounds like Bill thinks that few Americans working is the way to combat this issue. How about a world wide depression, now that would really slow down all that dastardly CO2 from evil economic properity!

3) So was this a moment of candor? He then went on to say (back to lying) that the U.S. and "those countries that have committed to reducing greenhouse gases -- could ultimately increase jobs and raise wages with a good energy plan". Confused? There was something of a contradiction there. Or perhaps he mis-spoke. Maybe it depends what the definition of "Is", is?
If you want you can see that clip HERE or if you need rest/sleep, you can watch the whole speech at the website of ABC News' great Denver affiliate KMGH by clicking HERE.

4) As we, and most others who see Global Warming as a Fraudulent cause have said: This issue is a not so veiled attempt to reintroduce/strenthen socialism/communism though the guise of 'environentalism. We can now thank Bill Clinton for making that assertion quite clear/illustritive to any on the fence as to the real motivation of this frenzied faux-cause!


Pyronite said...

Wow -- this blog is a joke. Is this done for fun, or...? It can't be for readership.


1) Only a dweeb writes a blog "FOR READERSHIP".
2) This blog is just what we say its about in our initial entry:
"We will use this blog to sound off on this bogus religion and offer our own proof and site credible sources to back our ideas, and we will NOT be swayed by scare tactics that blind believers often use to combat those of us who dare 'think'.


"A lie will be believed if enough people repeat it." (Joseph Goebbles )