Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arctic Sea Ice INCREASES!

1) The latest northern hemispheric sea ice extent and concentration, courtesy of The State of the Canadian Cryosphere. You can animate this image and others here. The recent spell of very cold weather across far northern Canada has expanded sea ice coverage by about 2 million square kilometers compared to the average winter coverage over the past three years, according to a CBC News report. Of course the polar bears probably are wondering what all this frozen water is doing there, right? Weren't they supposed to be soon extinct because there was soon going to be no more polar ice?

2) The key point in this report.....Arctic sea ice is about 10-20 cm thicker in some areas, compared to last year and that is significant, according to Gilles Langis, an Ice forecaster with the Canadian Ice Service. What type of impact, if any, will this have on the all important summer sea ice coverage in the Arctic? Langis added that it's too soon to say what impact this winter will have on the Arctic summer sea ice, which reached its lowest coverage ever recorded in the summer of 2007. We can already tell you the impact; It will be larger than last year. Of course this trend will be overlooked as an aberation. When things don't fit into the global warming model, its ignored

3) Of course this result also doesn't jive with reports that CO2 (Yes the gas that we can't live without) is at all time highs. We were also told that Global Warming is exagerated at the poles. Yet in BOTH the north and south poles temperatures have been below normal. We wonder if time magazine will do an alarmist article about this? We're not holding our breath!

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