Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Farmer's Almanac Right Wing Rag?

1) The most popular/longest running climatic predictor The Farmers Almanac, which has been predicting the short and long term for North America for going on 192 years appears to be in direct disagreement with the Faux-'consensus of scientists' with its prediction that the US will experience a half century of 'COOLING".
Fans of the Almanac say its famous long-range forecast is accurate between 80 and 85 percent of the time. The predictions are based on a mathematical and astronomical formula that dates back to 1818, and each new edition contains 16 months of weather forecasts for the contiguous United States.

2) Time will only tell but they appear to have a FAR better long term record than the morons who can't predict the path/intensity of a hurricane accurately more than 12 hours out. If the same/similar computers who also can't correctly predict the regular weather more than 2-3 days, how can they predict the climate for decades at a time?? We trust The Farmers Almanac FAR more!

3) No doubt the Global Warming Nazi's will either totally avoid discussing the Almanac';s predictions or dismiss them condescendingly. All the while having a FAR worse record in climate prediction. (Recall the 1970's Global Cooling Alarmists?) If they do mention the Almanac they will probably attribute their findings to 'Ring Wing Extremists who write the publication. To them any one who attends church and doesn't need the government to survive is a 'Right wing zealot!' By the way, in what climate do plants and animals thrive? Warm and wet, or cold and dry?? We say bring on the warmth baby!

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